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About the 2023 Arts Presentation

Singapore Youth Festival (SYF)
The SYF Arts Presentation (AP) is a performance and benchmarking platform that offers opportunities for continuous learning and improvement through feedback from industry professionals. In 2016, the SYF AP categories for Band, Chinese Orchestra and Drama were broadened to include the ensemble sub-categories as well as a wider variety of dramatic forms.

SYF 2023 AP
This year, we warmly welcome members of the public to view the schools' performances and to show their support in person at the venues or via livestreaming. Links to the livestreams will only be active one day before the commencement of each AP category. 

The schedule for the SYF 2023 AP categories and sub-categories is as follows:

AP Dates
(Excluding weekends and PH)
Category / Sub-category
27 - 28 March
3 - 5 April 
Instrumental Ensemble
(Angklung/Kulintang, Gamelan, Indian Orchestra)

Secondary School: 28 - 30 March
JC / MI: 31 March 
Instrumental Ensemble
28 - 31 March
3 - 6 April
29 - 30 March
3 - 11 April
 Instrumental Ensemble
(Guitar, Handbell/Handchime, Harmonica, Harp, Strings) 
Secondary School: 3 - 6 April
JC / MI: 10 April 
 Chinese Orchestra
4 - 28 April
10 - 13 April Dance
Secondary School: 11 - 14 April, 17 - 20 April, 3 - 5 May
JC / MI: 2 - 4 May
Secondary School: 12 - 14 April, 17 - 20 April
JC / MI: 25 - 26 April
17 - 19 April
25 - 28 April

“SYF has been an integral part of my musical journey. Without SYF, I don't think I would have improved that much as a musician and as a person. I remember participating in the SYF in 2000 and subsequently in 2003, 2005 and 2007. The amount of preparation required was tremendous and thorough. It was through this that I have learnt to persevere and keep striving for the best. Like many others, strong friendships that lasted for many years to come were formed during this period. Most importantly, I believe that the SYF is an excellent platform for character building, team building and getting to appreciate the arts even more."

Mr Lau Wen Rong, trumpeter with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra